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We would like to present our patented  product "Tremmory" on these page.

Tremmory  provides for a lasting guitar tuning,


Memory for Tremolo = Tremmory

Tremmory always ensures a consistent guitar tuning, even with extreme tremolo and bending- stress.

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Stay in Tune

For what seems like an eternity, we have been trying to control the imponderables of a free floating adjusted vibrato. As soon as a string breaks the tuning is gone. The same is true for finger bendings and drop-d-tunings. Numerous tinkers have attempted to find a fix for this problem and, accordingly, there are a variety of mechanical solutions. The disadvantage of all these systems is that modifications have to be made to the instrument. This is what inspired the German manufacturer, Guitars Upgrade, to develop the all stainless steel Tremmory. It is placed parallel to the existing tension springs in on of the five holes of the vibrato block opposite the spring claw. The Tremmory is compatible with popular guitar models. For customers with more exotic guitars a shorter or longer system can be order at no extra cost. If the vibrato is equipped with five springs the middle one must be replaced with the Tremmory. The spring claw is screwed deeper into the body in order to increase the pulling force of the remaining springs. The Tremmory consists of two parts which are pushed together like a piston and held in place by means of a larger knurled screw. While the tension springs of the Tremmory lie outside the mechanism, the compression spring, which should compensate in case of a string breaking, is inside. Since this is not adjustable a stronger tension spring is included in the delivery so that the pressure canbe raised. The Tremmory can be installed relatively easy with a bit of patience and a tweezer. In order to ensure that it functions perfectly, the vibrato system provided must operate free of distortion in the floating mode, that is, no friction points on the bridge, saddle, stringtress and / or tuner should affect the tuning. However the Tremmory doesn’t offer a completely unrestricted floating operation as there is always a certain resistance in up/ down bindings in the area of zero or the resting point. Features include modification free installation, On/Off mode via a screwdriver and stable tuning for a string break, excessive bindings and drop tunings of a string (eg E6 to D). It preforms best with double locking vibratos such as Floyd Rose.


  • Concept
  • perfect functionality (assuming prerequisites)
  •  no changes to the instrument are required
  • handling
  • processing








Tremmory - System
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